Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  What is a rogue?

A:  In the world of Norrath, a rogue is a character who lives in the shadows.  His innate gift for stealth makes him an excellent advance scout and corpse retrieval specialist, while his talents with lockpicking and trap disarming allow his companions to enter places they otherwise could not, and to do so safely.


Q:  What sort of skills does a rogue possess?

A:  Many and varied.  A rogue's weaponry skills include piercing, 1-handed slashing, 1-handed blunt, archery, and throwing.  Other basic skills (together with the level at which they are acquired) are:

  • 1 - Evade, Hide, Sneak, Thieves' Cant (language)
  • 4 - Dodge
  • 5 - Pick Lock
  • 7 - Pick Pockets
  • 10 - Backstab, Disarm, Safe Fall, Sense Traps
  • 12 - Parry
  • 13 - Dual Wield
  • 15 - Disarm Traps, Intimidation
  • 16 - Double Attack
  • 18 - Apply Poison
  • 20 - Make Poison
  • 30 - Riposte
  • 55 - Double Backstab
  • 60 - Assassinate, full-speed Sneak


Q:  What are the most important Alternate Advancement (AA) abilities a rogue should work toward?

A:  Without a doubt, the rogue's most valuable AA of all is his Shroud of Stealth (SoS), which is one of the Planes of Power (PoP) abilities.  This AA greatly increases the effectiveness of the rogue's Sneak/Hide, rendering him virtually undetectable to all but the keenest eyes.  Under cover of SoS, he can dance between the ankles of the gods themselves without being apprehended.

The rogue's second-most critical AA is surely Escape, which is a Class Specific ability.  A successful Escape allows the rogue to instantly shrug off the attentions of all hostile creatures in the vicinity, completely wiping himself from all aggro and hate lists, and thus permitting him to engage Sneak/Hide or SoS and slip silently away.  This AA can be used once every 1 hour and 12 minutes; however, with further AA enhancements, its reuse timer can be brought down as low as 36 minutes.


Q:  What unique titles can a rogue earn as he matures?

A:  All rogues have the following titles available to them as they meet the stated criteria:

  • Level 1 - Rogue
  • Level 51 - Rake
  • Level 55 - Blackguard
  • Level 60 - Assassin
  • Level 65 - Deceiver
  • Level 70 - Nemesis
  • Level 75 - Shadowblade
  • Level 51 + 6 General AAs - Baron/Baroness, Duke/Duchess, Lord/Lady, Master/Mistress
  • Level 55 +12 Archetype AAs - Dirge, Marauder, Oppressor, Veteran
  • Level 59 + 24 Class AAs - Annihilator, Assassin, Phantom, Shadow
  • Epic 1.0 - Swashbuckler
  • Epic 1.5 - Infiltrator
  • Epic 2.0 - Nightblade


Q:  Is it true that rogues can backstab with thrown weapons?

A:  Not precisely.  However, if the rogue throws toward the mob's backside, he will have a chance to perform a Deadly Strike, which will hit for increased damage (similar to a critical hit).


Q:  Can rogues solo?

A:  Not very well.  A rogue deals most of his damage the sneaky way:  from behind.  (They call it "backstab" for a reason, after all.)  Once he is forced out of the rear arc of the mob and is standing toe-to-toe with it, his damage output plummets.  Further, because the rogue is restricted to chainmail armor, he cannot take a beating as well as a plate-class tank can.  Double whammy.


Q:  You haven't answered all my questions!  Where can I go to learn more?

A:  I recommend visiting The Safehouse for additional information on various rogueish topics, EQTraders Corner for help with poison and/or other trade skill recipes, and Lucy for details regarding disciplines and/or equipment.