Tricks of the Trade

This section will cover the basics of learning and improving a young rogue's skills.  The recommended methods and places of skilling up are not meant to be all-encompassing, but merely to offer the up-and-coming rogue some simple starting points, with an emphasis on safety and ease.


Disarm Traps

Where to skill up:  Solusek A, pendulum trap; Solusek B, falling block trap

How to skill up:  Disarm the trap (by clicking on it) so that a portion of it remains visible, then simply continue clicking it in rapid succession.



Note:  There is no actual Evade ability or skill, per se.  Evade is based solely on the rogue's Hide ability and skill level.  Thus, you will not find a preset Evade hotkey, but must make your own.

How to hotkey:  First, ensure that you already have your Hide skill hotkeyed.  If it is not, then open your Abilities page (Ctrl-A), and set one of the six hotkeys there to Hide.  Now open your Socials page (Ctrl-O), and right-click on a blank social to edit it.  Enter a title ("Evade" might be a good one!) in whatever color you prefer, then enter the following on the first three lines:

/attack off
/doability # (where "#" is that of your Hide hotkey on your Abilities page)
/attack on

There is no need to add any pauses; the hotkey will work fine without them.


Pick Lock

Note:  Prior to attempting to skill up Pick Lock, you must visit your trainer and put ~21 points into it.  Otherwise, you will not be able to receive skill raises from your attempts.  This is apparently due to some long-standing glitch wherein you are supposed to start out with a skill level appropriate to your character's level upon obtaining the ability, but actually don't.

Where to skill up:  Befallen, locked door; Najena, locked doors or cells; Permafrost, dual "snow boulders" outside first small room; Plane of Tranquility, book on center table (level 46+)

How to skill up:  Hold your lockpicks on your cursor.  Then, either simply click on your target, or center it on your screen and hit your "U" (use) button.  When skilling up on a door, you will have to close it manually or wait for it to close on its own before you can pick the lock again.


Pick Pockets

Note:  If you intend to do your Ragebringer (epic 1.0) quest, you cannot neglect this skill, as it plays a vital role in that quest.  However, I do not recommend practicing Pick Pocket in experience groups unless you are the designated Master Looter, since doing so may make it more difficult for you to find groups in the future!

How to hotkey:  A PIck Pocket hotkey can be created as mentioned above in the "Evade" section.  This hotkey will not operate during battle, however; you will merely get a message telling you that you can't try to steal while attacking.  Thus, you may wish to make a second hotkey on your Socials page for "combat pickpocketing," as follows:

/attack off
/doability # (where "#" is that of your Pick Pocket hotkey on your Abilities page)
/attack on

Again, there is no need to add any pauses; the hotkey will work fine without them.  You may, if you wish, add an /autoinventory command in there as well, for those occasions when you steal items rather than coin.  (Personally, I have a separate button for that, because I like to screenshot some of the odder items I steal!  See the "Gallery" section, if you're curious.)

Where to skill up:  Technically speaking, anywhere there's a humanoid NPC.  However, if you fall behind and need a concentrated catch-up session, I recommend a low level static spawn, such as one of the Commonlands orc camps.

How to skill up:  To reduce the frequency of getting caught -- and you will get caught sooner or later, trust me! -- while picking a static mob, Sneak/Hide behind it, drop Hide (since the act of picking will drop both Sneak and Hide if you don't), target the mob, and hit your non-combat Pick Pocket hotkey repeatedly until the mob aggros on you.  When the inevitable happens, kill the mob or run for the zone, then rinse and repeat.  If the mob is much lower level than you and of no danger to you, you may choose to continue picking its pockets while it beats on you, without fighting back until you begin to get low on hitpoints.  (This has the added advantage of giving you an opportunity to work on your Bind Wound skill while you wait for your hapless victim to respawn!)


Reveal Traps

This is not a skill that can be raised at this time.  The purpose of this skill seems to be making visible to others a trap you have already Sensed.  As Revealed traps remain visible far longer than Disarmed traps will take to respawn, it can sometimes be preferable to not Disarm the trap and simply have your group or raid crew skirt it, presuming they can do so safely.  There is also speculation that Revealing a trap may decrease its trigger range; however, I have not personally confirmed this yet.

In addition, I have read accounts stating that if you Sense > target > Reveal twice in succession, you will receive specific information about the trap.  I have not verified this yet, either.


Safe Fall

Where to skill up:  I favor Butcherblock Mountains and the Plane of Tranquility, but any zone with a steep incline and no KoS NPCs nearby will work; the first portal in Erudin works very well for taller races, too

How to skill up:  Run up, run down, and keep an eye on your hitpoints!



Where to skill up:  Anywhere

How to skill up:  Just keep mashing the buttons!


Sense Traps

Note:  You can no longer raise this skill anywhere and anytime.  You must now be in the presence of an actual trap in order to get skill raises, and the trap must be in an untriggered state.  Triggered or Sensed traps are now indicated by a circle of rune-marked stones, hereafter referred to as the "trap ring."

Where to skill up:  Echo Caverns, wormspore trap (unconfirmed at this time); Tower of Frozen Shadows 2nd floor (key required), skeletal hand trap

How to skill up:  I'm going to concentrate on the method to use in ToFS, since that seems to be the safest and easiest place to raise this skill that I have personally confirmed.  This description will be extremely detailed, primarily because I've been unable to find a decent guide elsewhere, despite much searching . . . and it took me a fair amount of time to figure out how to get this to work properly.

The first thing to understand is that you cannot get skill raises while the trap ring is visible.  Thus, once triggered or Sensed, you must wait for the trap ring to despawn again.  In ToFS, despawning will occur in ~11 seconds if the trap has been Sensed only, and in closer to ~5 minutes if the trap has been proximity-triggered.

So . . . once on the 2nd floor of ToFS, make certain you're Sneaking and Hiding, then turn right from the entry foyer.  You'll see a fallen bookcase there; a skeletal hand holding a small book will be sticking out from underneath it.  This is your target.

  1. Approach to a distance of ~3 floor tiles diagonal from the nearest corner of the bookcase.  Farther than that, you'll be out of range and won't get skill increases; much closer than that, and you'll proximity-trigger it.
  2. Press your Sense Traps hotkey (which refreshes every ~8 seconds unless modified by AA abilities) until you spin to face the trap and the trap ring spawns.
  3. Back off to a distance of ~5 floor tiles until the trap ring despawns, which will occur ~3 seconds after your Sense Traps hotkey refreshes, if you haven't accidentally proximity-triggered it. (You can target the trap and wait for it to disappear from your target window, if you have difficulty seeing it.)
  4. Approach to Sense range again; repeat from #1.